Romance is dead.

So say those, who don’t believe in magic.
Those, who believe in numbers and not ideas.
Those, who want the world to be a nice, predictable place.
The cynics, the gurus, the number crunchers.

We don’t believe them.
We believe in things like serendipity, trial and error and imperfection.

We believe in the intangible value of ideas.
Ideas that will make people fall in love with you.
Ideas that make your heart stop, your belly rumble with fear
and that deep, tingling sense of excitement, bought by the new.

You can call us naive, because we have no proof, but we believe.
But one thing is for sure : you can’t cheat your way to somebody’s
heart with numbers. Hearts, not brains.

So here’s to all of you dreamers out there.
The ones tired of cynicism, the ones who want to truly
do great, meaningful work.
Clients, creatives, accounts, planners.
Perhaps it’s time to start a new Romance ?

Long live Romance.

With a 2023 professional equality index of 97/100, Romance reaffirms its commitment
to an inclusive culture that values all forms of diversity.