A place to live.


Bringing people together. The best way to eat better.

It’s back to school and Intermarché is back on the campaign trail with a new film called “A place to live”. After “L’Amour, l’Amour”, “J’ai tant rêvé”, “C’est magnifique”, and “Until my last breath”, this new opus of the saga takes us to a small village in the south of France where a young teacher was assigned after his studies. All the children and parents of students are mobilizing to prepare a farewell dinner for him before his long-awaited departure for Paris. The recipe that made the success of the saga remains unchanged: a French song, as many seasonal vegetables as emotion, and a beautiful story. In the kitchen, still the Romance agency and director Katia Lewkowicz (Grand Bazar). Accompanied by William Sheller’s eponymous song, it is also a hymn to the conviviality and sharing that we have missed so much this year. Because if Intermarché, as producers and retailers, does everything to help you eat better every day, meals only take on their full flavor when they are shared with those we love.

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