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No matter how you move, do it at least every two hours.

The health crisis is reducing the opportunities for daily movement and this is reflected in increased sitting and screen time, especially among younger people. In this context, binge-watching and scrolling are the last pleasures that teenagers cling to for comfort at home. According to the Onaps study, the level of sedentary behaviour (time spent sitting or lying down, with very low energy expenditure) is increasing with an explosion in screen time. Almost all teenagers (93%) exceeded the recommendations during the confinement. To accompany teenagers during this new confinement, Romance is launching a campaign on behalf of national public health agency Santé publique France to combat sedentary behaviour on TikTok.

To fight against a sedentary lifestyle, it is essential to move at least every two hours. In order to install this new reflex, several leading TikTok creators among young people have mobilised to offer live performances every two hours during weekends of confinement. The creators shared their ideas for fighting sedentary lifestyles with their 13 million subscribers. “The power of the algorithm developed by TikTok makes this social platform one of the most addictive. Encouraging young people to get out of the sedentary lifestyle when they are on this application and lose their time references allows us to act at the right time. We are also able to influence behaviour by offering very simple solutions devised in collaboration with the TikTokers who are partners in the operation. Jérôme Lavillat, Strategy Director, Romance Notified every 2 hours, the teenagers were able to discover simple and fun tips, to do at home or outside, and thus become aware of the importance of moving a little more every day. The live campaign took place during the weekends of 10 and 24 April on the accounts of various TikTok creators, including @manon__pasquier (2.5M followers) and @rose.thr (4.2M followers).

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