“Je t’aime trop”


“Eat your soup, it will make you grow!”

We’ve all heard that sentence when we were children, but we didn’t really believe in it. But when Léa sees the biggest boy in her school eating soup in the canteen, doubts arise in her mind: Is it actually true? Parents aren’t just talking nonsense? And how much soup does she have to eat to reach the closet that contains the things she “loves too much “? as says Eddy Mitchell et Les chaussettes noires’ song that accompanies this new chapter from the Better Eating saga of Intermarché. This ad is part of the grocery chain’s effort to help people eat a little better everyday. After having moved audiences everywhere with ” L’amour l’amour ” and “J’ai tant rêvé”, “Je t’aime trop” continues Intermarché’s run of emotional storytelling, this time to promote its in-house brands.