The race


Never before had movies come so quickly to your home

Orange, CANAL VOD, MyTF1 VOD but also Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros, Pathé, Gaumont, M6, Le Pacte… together they have created the VOD Promotion Association in France and have decided to launch their first communication campaign during the quarantine. We live in an instant society—everything happens fast. Consequently the moment when a content is perceived as recent is very short. Being the very first window for the exploitation of films, VOD has a major advantage though. Yet French people are not familiar with this service even though the country is Europe’s largest cinema market in terms of admission (213.5M tickets sold in 2019 – +6.5 % vs 2018 – CNC). The commercial is a catchy video clip -the obsessive music of Vladimir Cauchemar may have something to do with it- made of several recent films footages in which every character is in a hurry. In the end the reason is revealed with these words: ‘Never before had movies come so quickly to your home’.

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