Les produits de l’époque


Good evening Madam, good evening Sir !

It’s with these words that one of the most iconic french television announcers of her time, Evelyne Leclercq, was welcoming people on the TF1 TV channel in the seventies. Thanks to the 2019 technology, it’s with these same words that the real Evelyne Leclercq will once again appear on french screens to present the Sunday night program, the same way she did it back in the seventies. In a nutshell, a TV version of a Proust madeleine. But this time, Evelyne will also introduce another event tinged with nostalgia: the return of old iconic products, that have disappeared from our store shelves, in every Intermarché store in France. In order to celebrate its 50 years, the retailer has decided to travel back in time in order to relaunch everyday products in their old packaging. The Amora mustard in the old Goldorak jar, the Teisseire grenadine syrop from the time when people were calling it gronadine, a vintage Nivea cream jar, and a lot more products to look for in-store from 27th May onwards.

Beyond the TVC

This campaign is one of the 50 events orchestrated by the brand and the agency, deployed on TV, in press and throughout social networks with the #AMonEpoque (In My Time).

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