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Europe 1 back on campaign

After a three-part brand campaign, the first of which unveiled the station’s new signature “Listen to the world change” in 2019, French radio station Europe 1 is back on the campaign trail. A new campaign with a colourful aesthetic that appeals. The first three parts of the saga were based on shocking images of our time: the fires in Australia, the applause in support of carers, Boris Johnson at the time of the Brexit, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and Donald Trump during the presidential campaign in the United States, with one ambition: to create a shock of consideration while asserting Europe 1’s credibility on the news.

Based around some thirty visuals, Europe 1’s new campaign this time relies on the strength of words and the power of questioning. The aim is to illustrate the changing world through a series of piquant and offbeat questions: “It was better before, but before what?” or “Should we feel guilty about eating meat? The pop aesthetic of this campaign plays on the discrepancy with these questions and conveys values of optimism showing real confidence in the future. The new campaign takes up themes as varied as those covered on Europe 1 – French and international politics, news, health, our consumption patterns, culture, ecology, the media, entertainment – in order to illustrate the richness and diversity of our editorial offering.

For Constance Benqué, President of Europe 1, “The brand campaign designed and orchestrated over the past two years by the Romance agency has enabled Europe 1 to be visible once again and to demonstrate to the public its impertinence, its singularity and its ability to take a step to the side; in short, the Europe 1 spirit. The project we have been implementing for the past two years has pleased our listeners, more and more of whom are joining us. This newfound confidence forces us to go even further in our ability to innovate and distinguish ourselves, whether through our airwaves or our way of communicating. ” Jérôme Lavillat, Head of Strategy at Romance, adds: “When we developed the ‘Listen to the World Change’ platform in 2019, we never imagined that our lives would change so abruptly. The crisis we are going through is acting as an accelerator for all the transformations in the world and is bringing out countless questions in us, whether they are fundamental “Do we still need a President of the Republic? “or the very everyday question “When is the fun going to start? “. By producing a synthesis of these questions, we tell the story of the times we live in and reinforce Europe 1’s positioning. ” The campaign was deployed on billboards with a large-scale national campaign, from Paris to Bordeaux, via Toulouse, Lyon and Lille, as well as in the press, in digital and in DOOH in railway stations, in collaboration with the KR Media agency.

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