Abeille Assurances

You shouldn’t wait for the moment when…

Abeille Assurances (formerly Aviva France) has turned customer acquisition into one of the key pillars of its strategy and growth plan, to make the brand unique and strong. The campaign has been launched with 3 films that literally and metaphorically project viewers into their emotions, in a dreamlike universe, in which their daily routine is suddenly disrupted because of an accident. The creative approach taken by the agency makes the the target audience realize that they shouldn’t wait for the moment when everything falls apart to double check the general conditions of their insurance plan. The campaign is feeded with insights and studies led with Abeille Assurances policyholders, and has for objective to establish the brand as a partner the audience can really trust and rely on.

Beyond the TVC

The campaign has been deployed with an extensive OOH plan, that leverages a very direct and explicite tone to catch people’s attention.

Next project

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