Our eyes are unique.


Let’s take care of them.

They are able to distinguish hundreds of thousands of colors, to perceive an object from several kilometers away, to activate more than a hundred million photoreceptors, to analyze tens of thousands of pieces of information per hour, to monopolize almost half of the brain’s capacity, or to move faster than any muscle… But the most exceptional thing about all this is their role in our lives. 80% of our senses come from our eyesight. To see well is to feel confident, it is to fight against social isolation, it is to enjoy longer the things we see or the things we don’t see yet. But it’s also about finally finding the end of that damn garbage bag, about finally reading that wi-fi code filled with “O” and “0”, about saying “I’ve got it” at tennis when you really have it, or simply about finding your glasses. For everyone and at all times of life, seeing well is being well. And that’s what’s at the heart of Atol’s new brand territory. In this new platform, which is supported by the signature: « Bien voir. Bien être. » (Seeing well. Being well.) To bring it to life, the agency has designed a first campaign that reminds the French, in a very insightful way and far from the sector’s advertising codes, of the importance of the eyes in their daily lives. 11 new films, the first wave of which includes the first two, “The trash bag” and “The wi-fi code”, which bring to the screen the little visual mishaps of everyday life in which everyone will recognize themselves. Presbyopes, sportsmen, people who break their glasses, dyslexics… Because the eye is exceptional, take care of it.

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