The planet is our playground


Let’s take care of it.

For some time now, the precautions taken by the government have made it very difficult for everyone to practice sport on a daily basis, within 1km only from their home. Hence, from the early stages of the confinement, Decathlon, the French sports retailer, has tried to help athletes in lack of exercise as much as possible, mostly with free online training courses. Today, the 1km limit will no longer be, to the delight of all athletes. Now has come the time for Decathlon, supported by its advertising agency Romance, to spread its love for the outdoor playgrounds people have missed so much. And because they love it so much, this new step is a groundbreaking opportunity to remind them that we all have to protect it. Decathlon has spent the 35 past years fighting for the environmental cause, and it’s only the beginning. This tribute to outdoor playgrounds, empowered with the soundtrack of John Sebastian’s “Welcome back”, concludes with an invitation to discover all the meaningful actions carried out by Decathlon to preserve them (

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