There are some things you want to keep to yourself.


In 2015, 4MURS, a French chain of 110 shops specialising in wallpaper, began to diversify its offer. So much so that now, at 4MURS, you can buy wallpaper, furniture, decorative items, high-tech products, care and beauty products, fashion accessories, games, children’s items and more. The new tagline – Concept store très inspiré (A very inspired concept store) – highlights this transformation and affirms the new positioning of the brand as a positioning of the store as a complementary destination to the existing DIY and home decoration offer. Concept store très inspiré is being showcased for the first time in its launch campaign. At the heart of this first highlight, a saga of 4 TV films directed by Cloé Bailly, far from the serious register of the category and full of connivance, reminds us that when we have found a good plan, we often want to keep it to ourselves. The protagonists invent all sorts of stratagems to avoid revealing the origin of their new find. It’s weird, but we can’t hear them. Bought where? Where? 4 what? A clever way of playing with the brand’s notoriety and the evocative power of its name with a lot of self-mockery in order to make people consider this brand again.

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