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Santé publique France

Nutrition, a major health issue from a very young age.

National public health agency Santé publique France and Romance accompany parents to take in hand the new recommendations on food diversification for toddlers. When and how should I introduce my child to new foods? Is he ready to switch to chunks? How do I know when he or she is no longer hungry? Food diversification can raise many questions. To answer them, Santé publique France unveils today the new recommendations on food diversification for children from 4 months to 3 years. In order to better support young parents and health and early childhood professionals, Santé publique France is offering practical tools and educational content accessible to the greatest number of people through an information campaign. “We wanted to avoid an overly didactic approach on what is good or bad in terms of food diversification, as has been done traditionally. We preferred to show that diversification is based on a good understanding between parents and children and, above all, that parents can trust each other,” say Adrien Plouard and Yvan Hiot, creative directors at Romance.

New tools to better understand the recommendations.

Santé publique France is targeting future and new parents as well as health and early childhood professionals. This campaign designed by Romance is based on the daily life of Romy, Sacha, Gaby and Andréa, 4 babies at different stages of diversification. Discover the 4 films below. They will also be broadcast and amplified on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. It was amplified with 15-second stories on social networks, displays, wraps, and native ads on affinity sites for young parents and health professionals. “Each film takes the form of a diary of a family, a photograph of a moment of complicity between parent and child. Moreover, we cast the babies with their real parents.” Adrien Plouard and Yvan Hiot

6 tutorial videos have also been produced to detail good practices for young parents. In addition, 20 progressive recipes (from 4 to 6 months, from 6 to 8 months, from 9 months, from 12 months) are proposed on the website and relayed on social networks. And a 36-page brochure has been distributed to doctors’ offices.

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