Listen to a changing world

Europe 1

Listen to a changing world

After the launch of its new program during summer 2019, Europe 1, a french iconic radios station, unveils a new tagline and brand campaign, thought and developed by Romance agency, that put information back under the spotlight. With this focus on information, the new campaign sets itself apart from the competitors and breaks with the industry codes that usually showcase the key radio hosts in their 360 campaigns.

The new signature “Listen to the world changing” reinforces Europe 1’s strength to seize and keep up with the times, and to be anchored in transformations that shake our world everyday. The campaign has been deployed with a large-scale national OOH and press offensive, as well as social media and digital films.

Boris Johnson inaudible during his speech on Brexit.
London, Uk, 2019.
Confrontation between police and protesters
Hk, Chine, 2019.

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