Christmas feels like home


Christmas delivered at your workplace.

In 2018, and for the first time, we invented and produced “Christmas feels like home”, a unique and very simple digital delivery service targeted to people working on Christmas Eve: doctors, nurses, night watchmen, hoteliers, policemen, firefighters; people used to crazy busy days throughout the year and who don’t even get the chance to share the Christmas dinner with their loved ones. The idea: the Christmas meal prepared by their family delivered free of charge straight to their workplace by an Uber Eats rider, along with the Christmas iconic personalized Coca-Cola bottle. The magic of Christmas delivered straight to their workplace, accessible through as little as three clicks. People interested in the service basically just had to fill in their delivery details in the Uber Eats mobile app before December 15th, without having to order or pay anything on the app, and… that was it.

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