Eating better everyday


No question asked.

Léon is 6 years old. And 6 is the age of questions. His parents’ day is therefore punctuated by the “Why”, the “What? “and “How come? “. But 6 years old is also the age when one can still improvise answers by unscrupulously abusing the trust that children have in their parents. Phew. There is one question, however, which is much more difficult than all the others: it is THE question. The one that all children ask every day to all parents, sometimes several times a day. The one to which a different answer must be found each time, a real one this time: the everlasting, the terrible, the insoluble “What do we eat?” This question is the most difficult of all because it leads to dozens of others: is it good for your health? Haven’t we already eaten that recently? What exactly is in it? So, this time the grocery chain Intermarché answers it: by having already improved 650 of its products and more than 6500 by the end of 2025, by reducing additives, salt, sugar, making them healthier, so that you can eat better every day, no questions asked.

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