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Les Inrockuptibles

Culture should not only be read.

Les Inrockuptibles has always been perceived as the reference magazine for music. However, the magazine broadened its editorial line to political and society topics over the past years, and hence suffered from a strong loss of identity. Last year, Les Inrockuptibles decided to shift the focus back to the topic that made the magazine so special: culture and music. However, people are nowadays and more than ever reading cultural news online, while print newspapers are facing a strong decline. What’s more, Les Inrockutibles had to work with a very limited media budget that made the success of the relaunch almost impossible. In this challenging context, how could Les Inrockuptibles become once again the key reference for cultural news and artistic prescription to the mass audience? We decided to bring culture back to life and revive its original way of consumption: experience. Culture should not only be read, it should be experienced.

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