The right vegetables


Are you sure you know all the vegetables ?

For over 10 years, Intermarché has been committed to introducing French children to the flavors and benefits of fruits and vegetables. A long term and constant effort that is part of a much larger brand mission that aims at making French people “eat better”. And yet, the brand never made any reference to the program in any kind of communication. We decided to launch a campaign with an outrageous mistake in a fake promotional ad and built an activation based on the spontaneous and massive reactions of consumers about it. Once captured in social media threads and conversations, these reactions were exposed to finally reveal the film that explains the whole point of the activation and promotes the commitment of the brand in French schools and city halls.

And we didn’t stop there.

To bring the campaign into children’s reality, and to further educate French people about better eating, we’ve created online entertaining content about these not-so common vegetables. Because better eating is like everything else, it has to be learned.

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