Audi turns a test drive


Into an immersive sensory experience

To amplify the launch of the 100% electric Audi e-tron Sportback, Romance and Audi have developed the Audi e-tron experience: a virtual test drive that allows you to experience all the sensations you get from driving the new model in an ultra-immersive way. Door opening, trunk closing, indicators, flashing lights, leather feel, seat belt… More than a hundred objects have been recorded in high-fidelity binaural sound to turn the discovery of the model into a unique ASMR experience.

The result: 60 seconds of complete immersion that feels like actually driving the new Audi model and an invitation to come and try out the model in an Audi dealership. In order to bring the experience to a next level, a dedicated device has been designed in partnership with Spotify. Directly on the app or with a vocal assistant with the «Audi electric» command, users have access to a dedicated album that allows them to discover the model in different environments (in the mountains, in the city, in the rain, etc.).

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