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En 2-2: recipes to make in 2 minutes for 2 euros, or almost

“Manger 5 fruits et légumes par jour” (Eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day). French people know it like the back of your hand. But achieving a combination of good food and pleasure is not easy for everyone. After launching in 2019, the new platform “Start enhancing a dish you’re already in love with” which aims to invite the French to gradually improve their diet, national public health agency Santé publique France and Romance are now targeting young French people (18- 25 years). Almost half of the student body said they skipped meals during a normal week of class. Of these, more than two-thirds cite lack of time, lack of money or irregular hours as one of the reasons. Santé punlique France and Romance are launching the new “En 2-2” program intended to increase the capacities of young people to prepare healthy meals by removing the obstacles they may encounter, and to enhance the image of a balanced diet in associating with pleasure to initiate the desire to eat better. 6 simple, inexpensive and seasonal recipes that allow you to prepare healthy and gourmet meals with a minimum of skills and equipment. They are part of the target’s codes and are hosted on the Instagram account and posted on the target’s platforms: Snapchat, Twitch or YouTube.

To carry the message further, Squeezie, France’s No.1 influencer and YouTuber with 15 million subscribers (over 30 million in total) spoke directly to young French people on IGTV. And he got into the game, discovering several ways to improve his own eating habits.

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