“Je désire être avec vous”


Intermarché has been alongside the community throughout this crisis.

The brand has played a major role in helping consumers and producers alike by selling their products at cost. As the company has been supportive during these tough times it also wishes to remind you, that as it has always been, it will also be there for the good days. And the best of moments we all are going to experience again soon (at least we hope so): the first dinner with the loved ones we’ve all missed so much. A reunion that will be filled with great emotion for everyone. And when there is emotion, you know that Intermarché and its agency Romance are never far away. On the evening of May 10, Intermarché presents “I Want To Be With You”, directed, like the previous opuses in the saga, by Katia Lewkowicz, who proves this time that she is also capable of moving us without filming humans, and directing via Facetime (a first for her). If you ask her, she will surely tell you that all the credit goes to Nina Simone and her song “Je suis seule mais je désire être avec vous” / “I’m alone but I want to be with you”, which resonates in us, and on the images of the film.

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