Sport makes the world better.


And let’s face it, right now, we need it.

For French sporting goods retail leader Decathlon, sport is everything. But beyond being a passion that became a profession, at Decathlon we strongly believe that wherever there is sport, the world is a better place. Sport makes the world better (le sport rend le monde meilleur). It helps us to open up to others, to be more physically and mentally fit, and even to be more environmentally aware. This is why, more than ever, Decathlon wants to give sport the place it deserves among its fellow citizens. Decathlon has therefore chosen to break with the usual codes of communication by building a strong territory on French television, carried by more than twenty very short films, performed by real amateur sportsmen and Decathlon employees. Scenes of sport in their greatest truth that show how sport has the power to make everything better. How it has the power to turn a Sunday morning into a moment of happiness with the family on a bike, or a sip of water into a real moment of pleasure after the effort. Romance chose to entrust the direction to two sports enthusiasts, Michel + Nico (La/Pac – Anthony Joshua, BBC Sport, SKY Sport), to bring to the screen 12 short seconds of raw reality that smells of experience. Closer to a documentary than an advert. On social media, in addition to the films, Decathlon will unveil, in partnership with publisher So Press, portraits of sportsmen and women who make the world better. After a year of sporting restrictions and amateur competition, this momentum takes on a particular resonance because, more than ever, sport can be part of the solution.

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