The tough ones


Vegetables? You’re going to love them.

We are all aware of it.. In order to eat better, we need to eat vegetables. And when it comes to vegetables, we all have at least one that we hate. For some people, the thought of eating a broccoli makes them feel sick. Some others need to be at least 3 meters away from a Brussels sprout. What about you? Which one is it? Spinach? Asparagus ? Artichokes? Be honest. Luckily, Intermarché, as a producer and merchant, has the solution. No, not for you. It’s unfortunately too late, sorry. Because your taste has been defined during the first 1000 meals you had (so says science). That’s why Intermarché has decided to develop and launch the largest Baby Bio range in the market, to make your baby fall in love with all the vegetables, and eat them for the rest of his/her life. Because eating vegetables is like everything else. It’s easier when you start very early.

Beyond the TVC

The film “Les difficiles” (The complicated ones) has been launched on TV, digital platforms and social networks from the 20th May onwards. In addition to the film, an extensive OOH plan and two price- and product-focused films have been launched to showcase the accessibility and low price of the organic range.

Next project

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