Roman Frayssinet, Hakim Jemili and Djimo cook “en 2-2”

Santé publique France

En 2-2, fast good recipes to make at home.

This is not news, young people don’t eat very well. One of the explanations: they cook very little, due to lack of time, equipment, budget or simply laziness. So how do you motivate fast food and junk food enthusiasts to put on the apron? After the success of the first component carried by Squeezie in 2020, Santé publique France and Romance are launching the second installment of the “En 2-2” program, aimed at encouraging young people to eat better. The objective of the program remains the same: to make 18-30 year olds want to cook healthy meals, thanks to simple recipes, at a lower cost and above all, that make you want to eat. Far from moralizing speeches and the usual representations of healthy eating, the imagined recipes are part of the codes of fast food to compete with the kebabs and pizzas that the target is crazy about. To replace Squeezie in the kitchen, the device relies this year on a trio of comedians: Roman Frayssinet, Djimo and Hakim Jemili, who will invite their communities to cook. These three weren’t chosen at random: by their own admission, they can’t cook at all. If they can do it, everyone can! These videos take the form of small sketches performed by the 3 comedians. In addition, the system provides for a partnership with Topito to disseminate advice and tips to help young people cook at home more often, relying in particular on En 2-2 recipes, as well as the dissemination of recipes on the digital screens of universities across France.

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